Sandy M

San Francisco


I found these guys on I called several other companies. I guess most companies on craigslist are self employed. As a young woman I was a little creeped out by how unprofessional most guys sounded. I had 1 other person come out and he was dirty. I know plumbers are supose to be dirty but not this dirty. He gave me a estimate of $250 to remove the toilet and snake the sewer. I declined because it sounded a little high for craigslist. Oh and by the way his ad said $69 but he said that is for a toilet auger. Whatever that is.

Finally after talking to Emilio with Bay Area Rooter. I felt a little more comfortable. He told me that he offers $100 flat rate unless something totaly unforceen happened. He showed up about 30 mins after we got off the phone. after looking at my problem he found that the Bathtub and the toilet were both clogged not the mainline like the other guy said. He told me that usually he charges $100 a drain but he would do both for $150. I agreed to his estimate because it was still lower then the other guy and it really seemed like he knew exactly what to do.

He went out to his truck to get his tools and about 20 mins later he came to get me and showed me that everything was working. I was amazed that it only took 20 mins to fix. A little uneasy that  I was paying $150 for 20 mins of work but i guess it's better that he fixed it fast then to have taken all day. I had to get ready for work soon so it was better. The great thing was really that when he came back in to get paid after cleaning up mind you. He told me that it would only be $100 since the toilet cleared so easily.

As a single young woman i highly recommend Bay Area Rooter. Ask for Emilio he was great. I'm usually concerned when the cable guy or any worker comes out but he made me feel very comfortable and took time to explain what he would do to remedy my problems.


Luis S

San Francisco, CA


These guys are great. I had a flood of sewage in my downstairs bathroom. I called Bay Area Rooter by the recommendation of my friend. It was 11:00 pm on Saturday when I called them. Emilio was the plumber he was very helpful. He didn't even bring his machine in the house because our baby was asleep. He was able to clear the line from a trap at the street. It was about 45 mins and he was done. They quote $100 but I expected more because it was Saturday and about midnight but no extra charge. He did mention that if he had to remove the toiled it would have been extra if the seal was bad.

I recommend them fully. My friend was satisfied and I am too. Thanks for your help Emilio. Give him a raise Lol












































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